Welcome to the internet home of the Gilbert C. Grafton American Legion Post 2 of Fargo, North Dakota.  Here, you will find all the latest information on the happenings of Post 2 located in historic downtown Fargo.  The post is alive and well and contributing to the community!

Legionnaires Pay Respects on Memorial Day in DC


Washingtion, DC, was a popular, historic hub for Memorial Day observances.  CLICK HERE to read more about how the American Legion commemorated Memorial Day in our capital.

Made in Hollywood by Veterans


The Legion is uniting with We Are The Mighty, the first media and lifestyle brand for, by and about the military community.  CLICK HERE to read more about this.

Resolution Encourages Collaboration with Post-9/11 Groups


Passed at Spring Meetings, Resolution 20 calls upon posts and departments to embrace next-generation vets groups in their areas.  CLICK HERE to read more.

'The Best People You're Ever Going to Find'


Post 392 in Panama City, Fla,, has used a mentoring approach, and the Legion Riders, to bring in dozens of active-duty military and Post-9/11 veterans.  CLICK HERE to read more.

2015-2016 Post Officers


Congratulations to the following American Legion members who were elected Post Officers for 2015-2016:


Christopher Hanson- Commander, Mike Haugen- 1st Vice Commander, John Chatelain- 2nd Vice Commander, Bob Jacobson- Adjutant, Tom Tolman- Finance Officer, Jeff Hett- Sergeant at Arms, Will Hebert- Assistant Sergeant at Arms, Cathy Keogh- Historian, Wayne Wermager- Chaplain, Brad Aune- Executive Committee, Larry Lein- Executive Committee, Lynn Forde- Executive Committee, Dave Johnston- Executive Committee, and Syl Melroe- Executive Committee 

American Legion Post 2 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 2 members volunteered to answer phones for Prairie Public Television on December 7th.

Membership, Membership, Membership!


I am writing this post today to invite you to join with me as your First Vice Commander in making MEMBERSHIP our number one goal this 2015 membership year. It is no secret that our membership has suffered over the past five years for several different reasons to include transfers, deaths, mediocre communication, and inefficient efforts to bring awareness to what Post 2 has been doing over time.


I am here to say that THE BUCK STOPS HERE. We must aggressively attack the issue of membership and this is the year that we turn our decline around! I am presently putting together a demanding year-long plan to achieve our goals and more. While we have not received our goal numbers for the 2015 membership year at this time, our goal truly should not be a number or a percentage. What our goal should me is to have AS MANY MEMBERS IN OUR POST AS POSSIBLE. This will require us to engage and communicate with our membership. This will require us to begin aggressive work IMMEDIATELY to not only stop the bleeding, but to repair the issues. And it will require forward thinking in our approach to recruiting new membership to bring our numbers back up once again. We must stay ahead of the goals set for us by National and continue to push forward for the good of not only our current American Legion post and our programs, but to preserve the organization for the future!


As a part of our revitalization plan, the mission of fixing our membership woes is paramount. Other portions of the revitalization plan include standing up more community programs, seeking out volunteers to aid with the building and premises, strengthening our manpower with our existing programs, and seeking out young veterans to join our organization to ensure a healthy future for our organization.


Please show us that you onboard with me in committing to the future of our organization. If you have questions, you can contact me by e-mail at christopher@danoandchris.com or by phone at (701) 306-7567. God bless you, our veterans, and the American Legion.



Christopher Hanson

First Vice Commander

WE NEED YOUR HELP - Building Projects


We are desperately in need of help around the building at Post 2.  An endless list of tasks is building and growing and your aid is needed in the form of "sweat equity".  Cleaning and maintenance in and around the building is essential and we are calling on you to help us out if possible.


Most tasks are routine and do not take too much time.  There are a limited number of large projects that also need to be taken care of as well.  Any help you can contribute would be appreciated very much.




Contact Christopher Hanson at (701) 306-7567 or Tommy Tolman at (701) 237-4013 to volunteer today.


Memorial Day Message from the National Commander


CLICK HERE to read a special Memorial Day message from our National Commander, Mike Helm.

From the Commander


CLICK HERE to read the latest from our National Commander Mike Helm.

Fargo VA Needs


A few new items have been added to the wish list for donations at the Fargo VA.  They include the following:


WHEELCHAIR GLOVES: Seeking donations of Large and Extra Large wheelchair gloves for Veterans or funds to purchase gloves.


GUEST RELATIONS: Monetary donations for coffee, orange juice, condiments, cups and supplies for Greeter Program & waiting rooms.


COUPON BOOK FUND: Funds to purchase Canteen coupon books. Canteen coupon books are provided to Veterans who have no means to purchase a meal while attending appointments at the Fargo VA. Books may also be used for emergent needs of Veterans that can be purchased at the VA.


Please contact Karinn R. Davidson, Chief, Voluntary Service at the Fargo VA, at

(701) 239-3700, extension 9-3397 if you have questions or if you wish to donate any of these items or funds.

The Pickled Parrot


Have you been down to the Pickled Parrot in the American Legion lately?  Great drinks, great service, gaming (blackjack and pull tabs), and outstanding entertainment on the weekends - get downtown and check it out!  For current Legion members, present your 2015 membership card and get your second drink free.  Support the Pickled Parrot at the American Legion, open Tuesday-Saturday, 4pm-2am.


To learn more about The Pickled Parrot at the American Legion, CLICK HERE!

Why Join the Legion?


Looking for good reasons to join or convince someone to join the American Legion?  Wondering if it would be worth it to start up again after letting your membership lapse?  CLICK HERE to read more about why you should join us in our mission and cause!

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