Welcome to the internet home of the Gilbert C. Grafton American Legion Post 2 of Fargo, North Dakota.  Here, you will find all the latest information on the happenings of Post 2 located in historic downtown Fargo.  The post is alive and well and contributing to the community!

Here's a few photos from the American Legion Christmas Party (courtesty of Dave Johnston) which took place on December 13th at the El Zagal Shrine! Thanks to Auxiliary for putting on this excellent event!

Veterans Day


Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make Veterans Day a success for Post 2!  Without your help, we couldn't enjoy such a special a day, a day to remember all of our Veterans who have served out country with honor!


Thank to the member of Post 2 and Unit 2 for their help in getting everything ready foir the Stew Feed.  Thanks to the Red River Valley Veterans Concert Band for their outstanding performance that afternoon!  Thanks to the American Heritage Girls for providing so much help with bussing tables, serving beverages, and more during the afternoon events.  And thanks to the El Zagal Shrine for allowing us to host this event at that great location!

Veterans Day Celebrations


Other Veterans Day celebrations around the area included a Veterans Day Ceremony which took place at North Dakota State University outside of the Memorial Union.  The event was spearheaded by the Veteran Alliance Organization (VALOR) and featured a ceremonial raising of the flag, Taps, and a speech by Past Commender of Post 2, Brad Aune.


A wonderful tribute to veterans was held at Nativity Elementary as well featuring displays of uniforms and military items, artwork by the students, and presentations by groups of children of all ages.  Instrumental in the event were Post 2 members Edward Schwind, a Marine Corps veteran, and Jennifer Schwind, a currently-serving member of the North Dakota Army National Guard and a combat veteran having served overseas in the Middle East.  The Schwind's have six children, three of which are currently attending school at Nativity Elemntary.

November Post Meeting - Helping Our Youth!


At our November Post Meeting, we had the pleasure for a second month in a row hosting youth that Post 2 have helped grow and mature as future leaders in our community!


Two more young men spoke at the meeting sharing their experiences at their time at Boys State this past June.  As always, they were very excited about what they brought back home with them- knowledge of how our country is managed, experience and understanding on what our political system is made of, and valuable leadership experience that will no doubt help them in the future.


We also had the chance to visit with Ben Diers, a freshman saxophone instrumentalist, who was the recipient of a scholarship to attend the International Music Camp this past summer.  Ben performed the Star Spangled Banner for us to open our meeting and then sat down and visited with us on his experience at the camp.  This was special for Commander Hanson as he, a professional musician in the Fargo-Moorhead area, began his musical journey by attending over a dozen sessions of camp at the International Music Camp in his middle school and high school years.


Post 2 will continue to strive to aid our youth in becoming better leaders and citizens in our community by providing them with these outstanding opportunities!

164th Infantry World War II Memorial Relocation


The 164th Infantry Memorial Relocation is now complete!  The memorial, formerly located at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and 5th Street in downtown Fargo, made it's move to Lindenwood Park right next to the American Legion Memorial Fountain.  Work has taken about three weeks to dig the foundation, pour the concrete, remove the memorial from downtown, and relocate to Lindenwood Park.


The work was performed by L. Gnoinsky Concrete/Construction, Inc. Aggregate Industries of Fargo-Moorhead, and Dakota Moument Company with cooperation and coordination with the Fargo Park District.


Post Adjutant Sylvan Melroe has been the lead Post 2 member on this project.  He worked with Fargo Parks to attain approval for the move, secured the new location, and lined up all specific details and tasks to put the project into play.  We thank Adjutant Melroe for his hard work and dedication on this project!


Stay tuned for information on a re-dedication of the memorial once this project is complete!  


From the National Commander


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Home for Chrismas?  I Doubt It!


"I entered basic in November 1972 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I don’t think they quite have winters as tough now as the one we endured that year."


CLICK HERE to read more about Peter Werner's Basic Training memories over a Christmas holiday!

"It Really is Closure..."


A Legionnaire was instumental in obtaining medals for a Private who was killed in Normandy awarding them to hi family 72 years later.  CLICK HERE to read more.

A Pause to Remember Pearl Harbor...


Military laders, Legionnaires and others honor Pearl Harbor veterans for their sacrifice, heroism, and "gift of freedom itself."  CLICK HERE to continue reading.

Pearl Harbor's Legacy of Comebacks and Valor


December 7th is a perfect example of why our nation must always be prepared.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Women Veterans: Tell Us Your Stories


Legion survey wants to know female veterans' experiences with accessing heath care, transitioning to civilian life and using education benefits.  CLICK HERE to participate in this survey.

Post 2 Boys State Members


Thanks to the boys who stopped by our October Post Meeting to talk about how 2016 Boys State had an effect on them that will last a lifetime!  Thanks also to the family members who were also in attendance! 


Pictured above: Wayne Warmager (Post 2 and District 1 Boys State Coordinator), Conner Beckman - Fargo North, Neelay Patel - Fargo Davies, Matthew Seefeldt - Fargo Shanley, Thomas Smallerz - Fargo South, Jensen Walker - Fargo Davies, Ivan Wognin - Fargo North, and Christopher Hanson (Post 2 Commander).


The following boys were unable to attend the meeting: Tyler Anderson - Fargo North
Erik Benson - Fargo North, Bryant Everest - Fargo South, and Charles Thielman - Fargo North.

The Pickled Parrot


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Why Join the Legion?


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