Welcome to the internet home of the Gilbert C. Grafton American Legion Post 2 of Fargo, North Dakota.  Here, you will find all the latest information on the happenings of Post 2.  The post is alive and well and contributing to the community!

African-American War Heroes Through All of America’s Conflicts


February is African American History Month.  CLICK HERE to read about some of the Medals of Honor and other heroes from America’s history.

Olympians' Military Background Gives Them an Edge


Soldiers will represent the United States on bobsled and luge teams in Winter Olympics.  CLICK HERE to read more!

Flags for First Graders - February 2018

40 & 8 Voiture Locale 240 of Fargo is preparing for a very busy February as they once again embark on their Flags for First Graders program.  With that being said, they are in search of American Legion members who would be interested in helping out with a presentation or more if you are available and willing!
You do not need to be a member of 40 & 8 to help out with Flags for First Graders!
The schedule is outlined in this photo.  If you're interested in helping out, please contact Dave Rice (or any of the other team members).  Contact information is in the photo above.

Boys State Participants Visit Post 2


During the American Legion Post 2 December Post Meeting, Post members were pleased to welcome three Boys State participants and their families.  The three young men, all sponsored by American Legion Post 2, attended Boys State in Wahpeton this past summer in June of 2017.


After being introduced by Wayne Wermager, Post 2 Chaplain and Boys State Representative, all three boys visited about their experience at Boys State.


Thank you to Jack Berg (son of Rick Berg), Cameron Knoll (son of Ron Knoll), and Ryan Ferguson (son of Mark Ferguson) for sharing your experiences with us!  And thank you for representing American Legion Post 2 at Boys State 2017!     

US to ISIS: 'Surrender or Die'
Pentagon’s senior enlisted servicemember issued a blunt warning to Islamic State fighters, saying they could either surrender or face death in a number of ways.​  CLICK HERE to read more.
The ‘Best Kind of Handshake’ for Young Veterans
Student Veterans of America members met in San Antonio to network and share in The American Legion’s tribute to the GI Bill.  CLICK HERE to learn more.
Philip B. Onderdonk Jr. Retiring After 35 Years
No one in history served longer as an American Legion national officer than Philip Onderdonk.  CLICK HERE to read more!

Veterans Day


Thanks to everyone who helped make our Veterans Day Stew Feed at the Fargo Civic Center a success! 


Thanks to the Red River Valley Veterans Concert Band for a wonderful concert!


Thanks to the American Heritage Girls for the baked goods, the blankets, and all of their hard work helping with the event!


And thanks to everyone who celebrated Veterans Day with us!  We appreciate it very much!

Department Auxiliary President Homecoming Banquet


Congratulations to Mavis Goodroad, North Dakota American Legion Auxiliary Department President, on a wonderful Homecoming Banquet!  American Legion Post 2, her "Home Post", is proud of Mavis and her dedication to the American Legion, and wishes her nothing but the best in all she hopes to accomplish during the 2017-2018 membership year!

The 164th Infantry Regiment World War II Memorial Rededicated on Flag Day


American Legion Post 2 performed a rededication ceremony for the 164th Infantry Regiment World War II Memorial on Flag Day at Lindenwood Park.  Post 2 Commander, Christopher Hanson of Fargo officiated over the ceremony.  The event featured remarks by Dave Piepkorn (Fargo City Commissioner), Sylvan Melroe (Memorial Relocation Lead), Joel Vettel (Fargo Parks Director), and Vern Fetch (President of the 164th Infantry Association).  Speeches were followed by a rededication of the monument and honors to all 164th Infantry Soldiers who have passed over the years.


The 164th Infantry Monument was originally erected on the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and 5th Street in Fargo on a plot provided by Gilbert C. Grafton American Legion Post 2, in front of their building in downtown Fargo.  The granite monument recognized 216 men who were called to active duty in 1941.  The men were assigned to Bravo Company and Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the 164th Infantry Regiment, North Dakota National Guard.  During over four and a half years of activation, these Soldiers proved that on the fields of international conflict, a citizen Soldier could excel and could meet the best the enemy had to offer and could prevail.  They served North Dakota and the United States with distinction and honor.  And they provided North Dakota and its military with an unequaled record of accomplishment.


The 164th Infantry Regiment was an outstanding military organization that accumulated over 600 days of jungle combat in numerous locations and battles, most notably Guadalcanal in October of 1942.  Among their many decorations were five Distinguished Service Crosses and a Navy Cross.  They suffered an astounding 50% casualty rate including 325 who did not return.


The monument was originally dedicated by Major General Alexander P. McDonald, the North Dakota Adjutant General at that time, on October 24th of 1987.  The monument served as a reminder to the community of the young men who assembled in North Dakota on a cold February of 1941 and set off to serve in World War II.


After nearly 30 years calling the intersection of 3rd Avenue and 5th Street its home, a decision to move the monument was made.  Post 2 had sold their downtown building and was in the process of moving to their new home.  The choice was made to seek out a new appropriate home where all could continue to view and admire this beautiful monument.  Under the supervision of Adjutant Sylvan Melroe and with the cooperation of Fargo Parks, arrangements were made and agreed upon to move the monument to Lindenwood Park.  And through generous donations by L. Gnoinsky Concrete/Construction, Inc. Aggregate Industries of Fargo-Moorhead, and Dakota Moument Company with cooperation and coordination with the Fargo Park District, the monument was removed from downtown, given a good cleaning, and placed at Lindenwood Park in early November of 2016.


From the National Commander


CLICK HERE to read the latest from our National Commander Denise H. Rohan.

Survey Shows Veteran Households Support Research of Medical Cannabis


CLICK HERE to see the results of an American Legion survey conducted by an independent research company. 

Old Glory All Over the World


Wisconsin Boys State alum and current US Army Lieutenant has been able to fly his US flag in 21 countries spanning all seven continents.  CLICK HERE to read more!

Legion Reaffirms Position for a Stong America


National Commander Denise H. Rohan and Legion leadership meet in Indianapolis to vote on resolutions, receive donations and promote Family First! initiatives.  CLICK HERE to read more!

Are You a Past Post 2 Baseball Player?


If you are a past Post 2 Baseball player, please let us know!  Post 2 Baseball would like to put together a list of Legion members who have played Post 2 baseball into an "alumni list"! 


CLICK HERE to E-mail Adjutant Hanson to submit your name as a Post 2 baseball alum! 

Location Change for Post Meetings


All Post Meetings will take place at the Hector Airport Business Park (the old Hector Terminal located at 1801 23rd Avenue North, Fargo) unless otherwise advertised.  Going forward, this site will be the permanent meeting space for American Legion Post 2. 


Meetings and events had been occurring at the Fargo Air Museum for the past several months, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the location for events and meetings has officially changed back to the Hector Airport Business Park.

Who Will Fill Our Shoes?

American Legion national commanders asks members of the NEC who is going to carry the organization into the next century.  CLICK HERE to read on.

America's Military is Losing Its Technology Edge


The global war on terrorism and reduced defense spending have taken their toll, even as rival nations are modernizing their forces.  CLICK HERE to read on.



VALOR (Veteran Alliance Organization) was created to improve the campus climate for military and veteran students at North Dakota State University.  The concept is to create a network of ADVOCATES made up of staff, faculty, and administrators at NDSU who are identified to our veteran students as people that they can go to for guidance and direction.


VALOR materials and training opportunities provide:

  • An understanding of military culture.
  • An understanding of potential issues student veterans face.
  • An awareness of the resources available to student veterans on and off our campus.


VALOR is sponsored by American Legion Post 400 and an Advisory Board that provides guidance and oversight.


Questions on the program can be directed to Adjutant Christopher Hanson or Past Commander Brad Aune, both who are Advisory Board members of VALOR.



Why Join the Legion?


Looking for good reasons to join or convince someone to join the American Legion?  Wondering if it would be worth it to start up again after letting your membership lapse?  CLICK HERE to read more about why you should join us in our mission and cause!

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