Past Commanders of Post 2

1919 Leigh J. Monson
1920 John P. Conmy
1921 Julius Baker
1922 Harry Carpenter
1923 Frank Darrow
1924 Emery Gestie
1925 Elmer Flaten
1926 Seth Richardson
1927 William Stern
1928 Eddie Krau
1929 C T Hoverson
1930 Steve Gorman
1931 Lynn Stambaugh
1932 Walt Christianson
1933 Claire Brickner
1934 Floyd Lavelle
1935 Russ Burfening
1936 Frank Talcott
1937 Walt Johnson
1938 Andy Quam
1939 Earl Shaw
1940 Herb Franek
1941 Dave Brann
1941 Arthur Ulness
1942 Fred Knautz
1943 A I Johnson
1944 Clarence Olson
1945 Floyd Collar
1946 George Soule
1947 Jack Weed
1948 C Warner Litten
1949 Adrian O McClellan
1950 George Zalusky
1951 Leonard Van Horne
1952 George S Probsfield         
1953 Andrew Lantz
1954 Alpha J Montplaisir
1955 JohnJ Probosk
1956 Donald Kuehn
1956 Vern Lang
1957 Matthew McGahon
1958 John D West
1959 Joseph Parmer
1960 James Brodigan
1961 John J O'Connor
1962 Thomas Noonan
1963 Duane Muntre
1964 Leroy Smith
1965 Myron Hovden
1966 William Schilling
1967 Mike Mitzel
1968 Harry Moore
1969 Gary Wentz
1970 Robert Stone
1971 Robert Smith
1972 Orlyen Stensgard
1973 Frank Suppa
1974 Marcus McDonald
1975 Robert Long
1976 Burton Maxwell
1977 Curt Nelson
1978 Howard Erickson
1979 Henry Deyle

1980 Harold Christensen
1981 Peter Bilstad
1982 E Duane Lee
1983 Robert Lechner
1984 James Kapitan
1985 James Tweeter
1986 Donald Rapske
1987 James Mclaughlin
1988 Gerald Halvorson
1989 Edward Murphy
1990 Carl C Anderson
1991 Edwin McLaughlin
1992 Marlyn Wegge
1993 Kenneth Nellermoe
1994 Thomas Miller
1995 Mitch Olson
1996 Larry Lein
1997 Wallace Lueck
1998 Donald Schwinden
1999 Kathleen Buccholz
2000 Alex P MacDonald
2001 Raphael M. Hoff
2002 Linda Whaley
2003 David Lee
2004 Cathy Keogh
2005 Wayne Wermager
2006 Dave Rice
2007 Keith Kerbaugh
2008 Ron Matthews
2009 Dave Johnston
2010 Robert Jacobson
2011 Linda Whaley

2012 Cathy Keogh

2013 Brad Aune

2014 Brad Aune

2015 Michele Olson


New District 1 Leadership for Membership Year 2018


Post 2 is proud to announce that two of their members were selected tonight to serve as the incoming leadership of District 1! Christopher Hanson was selected as District Vice Commander (Elect) and Michele Olson was selected as District Commander (Elect) for membership year 2018!

From the National Commander


CLICK HERE to read the latest from our National Commander Charles Schmidt.

The GI Bill: Now and Then


A lot has changed with the GI Bill since it began many years ago.  CLCIK HERE to read about some connections made between the original measure and today’s post-9/11 veterans benefits packages.

Post 2 Baseball


Be sure to get outside this summer and take in a Post 2 American Legion Baseball game at beautiful Jack Williams Stadium!  CLICK HERE to see their schedule!

A Story Under Each Headstone


Legion Family and USAA leaders remember the fallen at Brittany American Cemetery.  CLICK HERE to read more on this story.

Who Will Fill Our Shoes?

American Legion national commanders asks members of the NEC who is going to carry the organization into the next century.  CLICK HERE to read on.

National Poppy Day Supports Veterans, Honors the Fallen


The American Legion Family leads the effort to keep all who served front and center.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Playing Patriotism


World War II veteran and Legionnaire Bruce Benson sounds taps every night at sunset to honor his late wife and fellow military veterans.  CLICK HERE to read the rest of this story.

Hawaii Fights to Save WWI Memorial


The Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium has fallen into disrepair.  Now the Legion and preservationists are trying to save it from being torn down.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Purple Heart Lie Results in Six Guilty Verdicts


A former Holly Springs police officer was found guilty Tuesday of falsely claiming he was a Purple Heart recipient four years after an investigation showed he lied about his military affiliation.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Vietnam Veterans Day: An Unforgettable Medal of Honor Message


The President signed legislation honoring Vietnam Veterans Day, and a speech about coming home- CLICK HERE for more.

An "Ideal Setting" to Honor a Veteran


Post 27 in New Hampshire hosted a ceremony for a World War II veteran who received medals earned decades earlier.  CLICK HERE to read on. 

"They Served Each Other"


At a World War I centennial event, our American Legion national commander praised the generation that fought the Great War and founded The American Legion.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Seabees Celebrate 75 Years of Successes


The Seabees have played a role in every U.S. conflict since World War II, providing national security, alleviating humanitarian crises and responding to natural disasters.  CLICK HERE to read more.

America's Military is Losing Its Technology Edge


The global war on terrorism and reduced defense spending have taken their toll, even as rival nations are modernizing their forces.  CLICK HERE to read on.

National Commander Used Legion Legacy to Advance Legislative Agenda


National Commander Schmidt testifies before joint session of the House and Senate Veterans' Affairs committees.  CLICK HERE to learn more!

OMW Delivers Largest Grant to a VA Facility in Two Years


The New Mexico VA Health Care System in Albuquerque received $10,000 for the purchase of needed items for its veterans.  CLICK HERE to read more!

The 9/11 Never Forget Exhibit


We're working to help in the efforts to bring this incredible exhibit to West Fargo at the Red River Valley Fair this summer. Stay tuned for more details. But, for now, go check out the information on the 9/11 Never Forget Exhibit. It's worth your time.  CLICK HERE to learn more!



VALOR (Veteran Alliance Organization) was created to improve the campus climate for military and veteran students at North Dakota State University.  The concept is to create a network of ADVOCATES made up of staff, faculty, and administrators at NDSU who are identified to our veteran students as people that they can go to for guidance and direction.


VALOR materials and training opportunities provide:

  • An understanding of military culture.
  • An understanding of potential issues student veterans face.
  • An awareness of the resources available to student veterans on and off our campus.


VALOR is sponsored by American Legion Post 400 and an Advisory Board that provides guidance and oversight.


Questions on the program can be directed to Commander Christopher Hanson or Past Commander Brad Aune, both who are Advisory Board members of VALOR.



New Mexico Man Admits Stolen Valor Charge


Anthony Gambino, 43, has been charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and violating the Stolen Valor Act.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Department of Maryland Legionnaires Attend a Sendoff Ceremony


Department of Maryland members show support to 200 National Guard troops headed to the Middle East for nine months.  CLICK HERE to read more!

Legion Assessing Damage in Storm-Ravaged Georgia


Tornadoes killed at least 15 in state, caused $100 million in damage.  CLICK HERE to read more.

"We're Saving Lives"


After a brutal cold spell hit Portland and caused multiple deaths, Legion Post 134 set up a warming shelter that has housed more than 20 area residents each night.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Appeals Modernization, Choice Program, Cannabis Research


New American Legion Legislative Director Matthew Shuman talks key issues facing veterans on Capitol Hill.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Why Join the Legion?


Looking for good reasons to join or convince someone to join the American Legion?  Wondering if it would be worth it to start up again after letting your membership lapse?  CLICK HERE to read more about why you should join us in our mission and cause!

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